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Kathy Szarko

Kathy Szarko

Warwick, RI


I have been an artist, in some manner, since childhood. My earliest memories of a fierce desire to draw are from kindergarten. Every morning the children had to choose their toys and tools for the day. I never tired of choosing crayons, paints, and an easel, with or without paper!

I've also been expressing irony and humor in my art since the third grade, when I painted a lovely snow scene; a small cottage nestled between hills with a giant snowball rolling down on the unsuspecting house! My sense of humor remains the same.

My first "important" job as a commercial artist was as a combination Art Director/Illustrator for a small nationally published magazine featuring teen writers. Illustrating the teens stories was wonderful fun and an insightful experience. I was the magazine's sole producer of art for about five years and produced hundreds of drawings. There I discovered a propensity for painting. This was the next logical step.

As a self taught artist I was aggressive and focused, absorbing books, teaching, and private instruction wherever I found them. Through books I learned from masters like Michaelangelo, DaVinci, VanGogh, Dali, Copely, and virtually any other artist whose work impressed me. I spent hours pouring through books and magazines, seeking models and studying layouts. eventually my drawing skill caught up with my imagination, and my own distinctive style was born. That, combined with my love of reading created windows on "otherworldly" ideas. Each piece tells its own story; fantasy, humor, irony, sci-fi, and the supernatural are celebrated shamelessly.

My art is loved by children, sought after by teenagers, and young adults, with such comments as "These paintings kick SO MUCH BUTT!!!!" A more serious comment comes from Alfred DiCredico, judge of the 1994 Rhode Island Open Art Competition. He awarded "Midnight at the Oasis" BEST OF SHOW and said of my work: "She allows things to happen that are implausible to have happen, interesting to see happen. Bizarre! It's what real painting is all about. It doesn't draw on any known or accepted image, but is derived from the artist's own world, psyche, and emotion. It embraces the absurdity of making images."



Home Sweet Home by Kathy Szarko


Scoop La Loo by Kathy Szarko


Fowl Weather by Kathy Szarko


Moving Day by Kathy Szarko


Other Side of the Mountain by Kathy Szarko


The Pioneer by Kathy Szarko


Unfinished Dance by Kathy Szarko


Family Plot by Kathy Szarko


Iguana Iguana by Kathy Szarko


Catch of the Day by Kathy Szarko


Lighthouse on the Rock by Kathy Szarko


Home Sweet Home by Kathy Szarko


Tiny Dancer by Kathy Szarko


Violet Cort by Kathy Szarko


Swan by Kathy Szarko


Return of the Mothership by Kathy Szarko


Ce'Nedra by Kathy Szarko


Dancers of the Sea by Kathy Szarko


Summer of the Blue Moon by Kathy Szarko


Down on Main Street by Kathy Szarko


Rude Awakening by Kathy Szarko


Ballad of the Most Mighty Hunter by Kathy Szarko


Midnight at the Oasis by Kathy Szarko


King of Beasts by Kathy Szarko


The Time Machine by Kathy Szarko


Black Riders in Bree by Kathy Szarko


The Mirror of Galadriel by Kathy Szarko


Treebeard by Kathy Szarko


Rain Dance by Kathy Szarko


World of Tyes by Kathy Szarko


Big Eyed Puff People by Kathy Szarko